Our Company

Interlift Corporation is a subsidiary of Corpus Systems S.A. of C.V. based in Monterrey , Mexico. Corpus Systems started nearly 16 years ago as a family business and has been manufactured alternative fuel technology and components for internal combustion engines. It has the highest quality clean burning gaseous fuels such as propane and natural gas.

In this catalog we are sure you will find components and aftermarket spare parts with its identification code on each one, this is to provide you a better service.

Interlift Corporation's leader in aftermarket forklift parts, we carry an extensive inventory of aftermarket parts for all major brands including: Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Clark, Daewoo, Komatsu, Nissan , Hyster , Yale, etc.

Our Policy

In Interlift Corporation, our commitment is to work together to maintain a quality system that includes security and occupational health as well as environmental protection. We apply continuous improvement and ensure that the design, manufacture, maintenance and distribution of our entire range of spare parts meet and exceed the requirements for quality and price.

Our Vision

In Interlift Corporation we strive to be the leader of marketing parts and accessories of LPG, in addition to offering our customers the most extensive and complete line of the market and be recognized in Mexico and abroad for quality of our products.