How to Buy in Our Web Site

Instructions to Order Products in our Web Site

1. Select any of our products online

It is important to have a registered account on the website in order to initiate the purchase of Interliftparts products, you can request your high through our registration form.

To request products you have to register in order to do that you need to click on the register link that is on the upper right hand side.

2. Add it to your cart

Everything you choose will be add to your shopping cart, where it shows the current total of your order.

3. Confirming your order

Once you have selected all the products of your interes verify your purchase in the shopping store, there you should confirm, remove or add new products to your purchase.

You also have the option to save the selected products to generate a quotation, which you can return later and proceed with the purchase of products assigned.

4. Complete the form of the shopping process

As a registered user you will be prompted to complete the purchase process, this is to verify your shipping and billing as well as the total amount of your order, it is important to have a username and password to shop at the store.

5. Calculate shipping cost

On Interliftparts have different delivery methods according to your needs, both land and air, which is calculated based on the volume of products assigned to your purchase, it is important to verify your shipping method and cost for your order before finalizing.

6. Payment Method

Complete the information requested and the system will confirm the transaction and the status of your order.

7. Confirmation of your purchase

At the end of your purchase Interlift Corporation will verify your order and then send you an e-mail with your confirmation and tracking number.